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Why Choose Us / What Makes Us Different

Our main goal at RT Heating is to provide you with the highest level of comfort and customer service. Lars and Joel are part of our professional furnace & duct cleaning team that helped us win best furnace cleaning company in 2018, and 2nd place in 2017. (Red Deer Express Readers Choice Awards). We were also able to place 2nd in best customer service in 2018. We would like for you to experience our customer service.

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Every job our team performs is done at the highest quality level, which is the reason our cleanings take approximately 3-4 hours per job. Many other companies are in and out of your house in 1.5 hours, but we want to make sure the job is done extremely thoroughly. We provide a highly detailed checklist of the job which will highlight what we have done in your home, and if you have any questions Joel or Lars will happily help you out. We also have an optional and highly recommend brush system. With this cleaning method we are able to provide a much more thorough scrubbing of your ducts. You never know what we might find in your ducts with the brush system, Lars even found an heirloom diamond ring once! On the other hand, we've also found dirty socks in vents so it is not always treasures that we find!

Duct Cleaning Package

With the purchase of a furnace & duct cleaning package you will receive a FREE haircut from our partners at Masterpiece Salon & Spa.

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• Our basic charge is $229 for the first 10 vents. Any additional vents are $10 each. This price also includes cleaning & inspecting the furnace.

• Our technicians will count all heat and return air vents in the whole house including the basement once complete.

Power Brush System
• Our Power Brush System is used on 90% of the jobs we clean. It provides an extra deep scrub of all the vents in your home, at a very economical price. For only $50 you can add the Power Brush System Cleaning onto your next furnace & duct cleaning package. Our technician Lars has even found a diamond ring in the vents with the Power Brush! You never know what we will find hidden in your vents. 

Dryer Vent Cleaning
• This service is optional, but highly recommended as a neglected dryer vent is a huge fire hazard. Our price to clean & inspect your dryer vent is $50 if the vent is easily accessible. In some cases, we cannot clean the dryer vent, such as when the vent itself is an older white plastic style of material. That style of dryer vent is a fire hazard so we recommend replacing if possible. Our technicians can inspect your dryer vent & give their recommendation.

Sanitization Of Ductwork
• Our final step is to sanitize all of the ductwork. This cost of this service is $50. An environmentally friendly botanical disinfectant called Benefect is used.

Access Panels
• In some cases, access panels will need to be cut into the ductwork in the furnace room. If any are needed, we charge $10 each. Our technicians will determine whether or not they are needed, as there may have been some used on previous cleanings. We use access panels because it allows us to perform a much more thorough, consistent cleaning on all jobs. The holes cut in the ducting are for attaching our suction hose onto. The holes are covered up after with our access panels which will also allow for a thorough future cleaning.

• Our technicians are stocked with the most common sizes of furnace air filters. They range from $5-$30 each depending on the size & quality of filter.

Air Conditioning Cleaning
• This service is $25. It includes an air wash & inspection of the indoor evaporator coil.

• A typical duct cleaning will take anywhere from 3-5 hours depending on the size of your home, and if one or two technicians are sent.

Cleaning Method
• Our cleaning system includes a combination of suction, brushes, and compressed air with whips. First, our main suction hoses are hooked up to your system (We clean the hot and cold side separately. While the suction hose is hooked up, we then run a brush system down each vent. Once this is complete, all the vents are then blown through with compressed air. Once all of the branch lines are done, the main trunk line is done from the furnace room with reverse whips/balls/agitation devices. This process is repeated for the return air(cold) vents.

Why Get Your Furnace & Ducts Cleaned?

Furnace: Dust is one of the worst things for the electronic parts in your furnace. By having your furnace cleaned you will avoid costly repair bills.
Ducts: Your ducts may be filled with dust, pet hair, mould, bacteria & dust mites. If you suffer from allergies or asthma, have pets or live in an area with new home construction it is recommended to have your furnace & ducts cleaned.