R/T Heating & Air Conditioning • Financing


We have 2 low monthly payment financing options available on all of our products

Option #1

• RT Heating is an authorized service provider of Home Depot Red Deer, which means we can offer the installation of furnaces, air conditioners, garage heaters and more.

• All of these above items can be purchased using a Home Depot credit card.

• There are various excellent promotions throughout the year you can take advantage of. Please call us to find out which one is currently available.

• You can easily apply for a card at the customer service desk at the Red Deer Home Depot.

Types of offers on Home Depot credit card

• 36 month equal payment plan. Make 36 equal payments with 0% interest (Inquire about dates available. This promotion is not available year round.)

• 18 month Deferral. No interest for 18 months as long as balance is paid off in full within 18 months. Minimum payment is required.

• 1 year 0% interest. As long as the purchase is paid off within 1 year, you will pay 0% interest. (Available all year round, minimum payment required)

• 36 month equal payment plan. Make 36 equal payments at an interest rate of 5.99%. This offer is available year round.

• Main advantage vs Snap Loan is the 36 month equal payment plan is at 0% interest, whereas the Snap Loan is 10% interest.

• Main disadvantages vs Snap Loan are that the Home Depot credit card offers are not always available, and the monthly payments on the credit card offers are slightly higher as they are 3 years vs a Snap Loan which is 5 or 10 years.

Option #2

• 1-2 Year loan 0% interest

• Up to 12 year loan at 9 % interest (OAC)

• Application is done in home, OR is sent by email to fill out

• Approved within minutes

• Payments starting as low as $30/month

Option #3

• A 5 or 10 year loan with 10% interest (OAC).

• Payments starting as low as $30/month.

• Application is done in customer home through iPad with RT Heating.

Note: Customer must verify with RT Heating that promotion is in effect. Promotions cannot be combined.
Not all promotions are available year round. All options are OAC.