Oldest Furnace Contest
Oldest furnace contest

Winner will be revealed on Christmas morning, December 25th

Rules / Regulations

- Winner will receive a high efficiency Comfortmaker brand furnace fully installed, free of charge. Depending on the job, this is valued between $3300 - $4300 + tax.
- The contest starts on October25th, 2017.
- Deadline for entry is December 20th, 2017.
- At least 50 entries must be made to the contest for a new furnace to be given away, so make sure you SHARE our Facebook posts & tell your friends!
- To be eligible to win, participants must be within a 50km radius of Red Deer.
- In order to qualify, participant must allow RT Heating to enter their home to check model & serial number of furnace to verify the age. At this time RT Heating will also provide a free quote for a new system.
- Only residential furnaces (no commercial) will be accepted to enter contest.
- One entry per household.
- If there is a tie in age between furnaces, the furnace with a legible serial number sticker will win. If both have or do not have a sticker, a coin toss will determine the winner.
- Only natural gas, forced air furnaces will be accepted into contest.
- Participants must agree that their pictures & information may be used on social media such as Facebook.
- No purchase is required.
- Furnace is required to be in running condition.
- Winner of contest will be contacted by phone on December 25th, 2017.
- If you do not win, don’t worry! You will be given a FREE $200 gift certificate that can be used on a new furnace, or air conditioner. You will also be given a FREE $25 gift certificate that can be used for a furnace & duct cleaning OR a furnace maintenance.
- If winning contestant has purchased a furnace between eligible dates, they will receive a full refund for their system.



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