Are you tired of working on a winter project in a cold garage or shop? Maybe you’d like a nice, toasty warm spot to park your vehicle? At RT Heating & Air Conditioning, we carry forced air and infrared tube heaters for both residential and commercial applications. If you’re looking to keep your vehicle warm or perform those winter projects in comfort, a forced air furnace is the ideal choice. Our preferred brands are Modine Hot Dawg and Sterling. Both brands deliver consistent and reliable service. Sterling features 1 year parts and 10 year heat exchanger warranty while Modine boasts a 2 year parts and 10 year heat exchanger warranty. Keep in mind, we also repair all brands of forced air garage heaters including Reznor, Lennox, or any other brand out there.

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If you’re a woodworker or someone who creates a lot of dust, an infrared tube heater is a safe, practical and efficient alternative. Fresh, outside air can be ducted to the sealed burner for safe and trouble-free operation. Unlike forced air, tube heaters produce waves of heat which warm objects in the garage, rather than the air. The result is quiet, draft-free heat and warm, dry floors. With low energy consumption, fuel savings are substantial. Our recommended brands are Roberts Gordon and Easy Radiant infrared tube heaters for years of dependable operation. We repair all brands of infrared tube heaters including Calcana and many others.

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