Are you looking to legalize your basement suite? If so, we know the ins and outs of what you need for heating and air circulation to meet code requirements. Chances are, you will need an HRV unit for the basement for air circulation, if you already have a separate source of heat. HRV stands for heat recovery ventilation and is an energy recovery ventilation system that works between two sources at different temperatures – increasingly used to reduce heating and cooling demands in homes and businesses. We can help determine the best product that you’ll need for your specific application. An HRV can also be paired with an existing furnace to provide a lower level of humidity during the winter months, while also providing cleaner and warmer air to circulate through your house. If you have an unusually high level of humidity in your home during the winter, especially condensation around your windows, there is a good chance an HRV will eliminate this problem. As a bonus when the HRV is running, it is sending stale air out and bringing in fresh warm air while filtering it which will have you breathing cleaner air.

The brands we install are Venmar and Greentek – we recommend Greentek model PH7.15. Standard labour warranty on HRV units is one year with five-year parts and ten-year motor.


If you were to ask most homeowners where the ductwork is located in their house and it’s purpose, you might get an odd assortment of answers. Most people would say, “It’s in the basement, I think, and air flows through it?”

Ducts are conduits through which air from your furnace, ventilation or air conditioning travels throughout your home. In most homes, they branch off from your furnace in the basement but also run through your walls and flooring in a two-storey house. When properly installed and appropriately maintained, air ducts (or ductwork) is a key factor in maintaining indoor air quality and overall comfort.

Whether you’re replacing your furnace and the old ducting is oversized or falling apart, or you’re adding an addition onto your home, we can help. We have sheet metal technicians on our team who can replace or install ducting for any residential application.

We can meet with you on-site and discuss ducting installation or replacement with you. No project is too big or too small. We devise the best plan to maximise ceiling height and heat your home evenly and efficiently.

When it comes to installing or replacing ductwork in your home, you can depend on the experts at RT Heating & Air Conditioning. Quality products and exceptional service from a dedicated team of professionals. You can depend on us to keep you warm when it’s cold and cool with it’s hot.

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